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  • Jessica

    Reply Reply November 16, 2015

    YES! These are amazing. I sent one already to my guy and am anxiously awaiting to hear back!! Am buying your book now 🙂

    • lovetexting

      Reply Reply November 16, 2015

      Let me know how it goes!

      • Anna

        Reply Reply December 4, 2015

        Hiya am having men trouble dated for 7 months then he said he has commitment issues wer do o go from her or should I leave it.. Still text n talking but am not sure what to do

      • josephine

        Reply Reply June 19, 2016

        I love the book. It has been fun watching him respond to the texts. Amazing and I have learnt a lot about where I have been doing it wrong. Currently working on slowing it down.

      • Abeero

        Reply Reply November 11, 2016

        Adaaaaaaaam the I like guy I texted just once it was on snap at the beginning it was fun and playful but he blocked me with no reason

      • Gina

        Reply Reply October 27, 2017

        Where can I buy your book?;) I’m here in Japan now😊

    • Samantha

      Reply Reply September 28, 2016

      Hi I like his guy but I don’t know if he like me because in class we kiss and me and him are just friend and I don’t know because he wants to kiss me more sooooo I don’t know help me please thank u

    • Nicholas

      Reply Reply June 6, 2018

      Conversation first then a dinner date

  • Amy

    Reply Reply November 16, 2015

    Yet another amazing video from Adam! You’re a blessing to us women.

    • lovetexting

      Reply Reply November 16, 2015

      Haha thank you! I’m so glad you enjoyed it!

      • Cjae

        Reply Reply October 2, 2016

        The reason why I haven’t signed up for your program is because the sample vedio’s that you emailed me I can open them but they won’t play.Please resend them or help me so I can watch them.Thank you so much..I cldnt even send you an email so this why I chose to get ahold of you this way..I’m sry if this is a problem.

  • Ann

    Reply Reply November 16, 2015

    We have been having a series of “DTRs” over the phone (calls and texts— long story, but he’s working out of town). Yesterday, the exchange was becoming long and drawn out, with no conclusion in sight. The gaps in his replies were getting longer and longer. His messages were getting shorter and shorter. And so I texted “I’ll talk to you another time. I’ll be in the shower on my way out.” Then after 45 minutes, I texted “If you were here right now…!!!” I just left it blank too. Well, he replied in less than 5 seconds! He texted, “Lol. What? You’re going to tell me how uninspiring our chat is? ;)” I knew then, that we’re okay. We’re going to be just okay.

    I’ve been using all your other tips and strategies. I have to say Adam, you’re an absolute genius and my guy is a stereotype alpha male. 🙂

    Now, can you make a video about DTR?

    • KadyMeLady

      Reply Reply March 11, 2016

      What does DTR stand for?

      • Brittany Ballard

        Reply Reply April 14, 2016

        My guess is Defining The Relationship

  • Ann

    Reply Reply November 16, 2015

    Okay… now I’m not sure if the “bait text” worked very fast because I just got out of the shower. Haha. 😀

  • andrea

    Reply Reply November 17, 2015

    I have done the baiting text and that made a boyfriend so excited. we are not together anymore but it really does drive a man wild. I can’t say it works on every guy just the good ones.

  • Susan Fornace

    Reply Reply November 18, 2015

    Very good.

  • Diana

    Reply Reply November 18, 2015

    So I tried this and I used 2 of the techniques with my boyfriend of 1 year. I did the “I was just thinking about the time when….” and “If you were here right now…..”. Both were a big hit. I used the reminiscing one first and he immediately started recalling things from that experience and then started elaborating on other experiences we have had together. Then later that night I sent him a text while he was at the gym and just said “if you were here right now….”, he loved it and it opened up the conversation for us to talk about the things we wanted to do and say to each other. It was pretty cool. Thanks for the advice Adam!

  • Shari

    Reply Reply November 18, 2015

    I sent the Insider Text to a guy I have been seeing for about 1 1/2 mos. He responded with 3 kissing emoji’s and that was it, this was Mon. eve. and I have not heard from him since. I’m kind of confused. I will try the Text Baiting next.

    • Violet

      Reply Reply November 30, 2015

      Good for you.I will trying that myself too : )

  • Becky

    Reply Reply November 20, 2015

    I wish I’d watched this YESTERDAY!
    I was sick and feeling cranky and frustrated with this guy that I’ve been seeing/talking to…so I texted some stuff that should have been saved for in person conversation ?
    I feel like I’ve blown it. Not wanting to text again until/unless he responds. I sent a quick “I’m sorry” this morning but haven’t heard back…

    Thanks, Adam. This is good stuff!

  • Diane

    Reply Reply November 21, 2015

    I’ve been dating this man off and on for several months I sent the text about our first date

    And ended the text with
    If you were here right now
    He responded within seconds yea
    Asked me what are you doing tonight
    We have a date at 7 pm . Wow
    Thanks for the advice

  • Violet

    Reply Reply November 30, 2015

    Wish i could have access to it earlier.It is really amazing.

  • bella

    Reply Reply December 6, 2015

    I hope this works…..

  • Ousha

    Reply Reply December 8, 2015

    I sent him, if u were here right now !!
    OMG ! u cant imagine what he sent me back, he was so adorable and i really liked this..he said : i’d be so lucky to be next to you, holding u between my arms so u can feel warmth and safety with three kissing emojis…this is working for real !
    Thank you so much

  • b

    Reply Reply December 12, 2015

    Well that’s just great he never replied back problems thinks I’m needy he always said he didn’t feel like I do and now I’ve lost him

  • Cherisse

    Reply Reply December 12, 2015

    Tried the insider text message and got an instant response! Then tried the bait text, no response that allowed things to go further. I just an ok. I’m still getting your videos I want to learn more about this!

  • Natalie

    Reply Reply December 19, 2015

    Hi Adam,

    Last night a man I dated 2x sent me a candid head shot of himself and assured me he’s kept every pic of me. Sending me a few as proof. (I work as a model. Men have no idea how few men approach models.)
    He asked for a new pic, so I sent a candid portrait.
    he: “oh what a pic! Thanks – You are so beautiful! ❤❤❤

    I implemented your suggestion and here’s the result;

    me: “Thank you. I like me. Many males seem to prefer more bling and skin. How discerning you are…
    he: “I appreciate you calling me handsome last night – black sweater and a kilt for me today.” He sends a pic.
    me: “highlights your eyes! If you were here now…”
    he: “oh my sweet and merciful lord, thank you for this moment”

    You’re right Adam! Flirty fun.
    Good work!
    Thank you!

  • Jennifer Wynhoff

    Reply Reply January 5, 2016


    I wanted to thank you for your videos. They have truly inspired me to try again. I have been dating the guy for about three and a half months now. It started off great, he does great with my kids, and then it seemed like he was pulling back. I knew he had a bad break up and as did I. I started watching your videos, they have really helped me. I was texting on him on a Sunday and no response, so I took your advice and did #3, “If you were here right now…” and within seconds he texts me back. He was watching Football, and nothing keeps him from watching his NY Giants, but what do you know, he ended up calling me and we ended up talking on the phone for two hours.
    Thank you soooooooo much <3
    Jennifer Wynhoff –
    The one that still has hope.

  • Katrina

    Reply Reply February 1, 2016

    Hello Adam I am going to save these because right now I am not sure which one to use first on,my now ex who I want back, he only wants me to be a booty call. In the beginning of our relationship 1 1/2 yrs ago when we started dating I was snap chatting my high school sweet heart and I lied about it I didnt see what the problem was until I moved out almost 2 months ago. He thinks everything that comes from my mouth is a lie and thats not true, I want my guy and only him, he want to be in the lifestyle because i was in that when my ex ex boyfriend and i did and he throws that in my face I want to show my guy that I want him only but he wants to do that he didnt get to play the field he married at 19 so he wants me to do those with him and feel safe with him and i do to but i dont know if it will blow up in my face.

  • Michelle

    Reply Reply February 25, 2016

    So I have known a guy for 1 year and recently we had lunch. I texted him when I got to say thanks for having me to DC and no response…what does that mean.. We spent the whole day in Georgetown.. Oh well I guess not interested or just busy?!
    Thanks and please let me know your thoughts?

  • Sora

    Reply Reply February 28, 2016

    Curiouser and curiouser

  • Dar

    Reply Reply March 1, 2016

    Awesome results tried it out with two friends very nice results in less 10 min and these are two guys that don’t text when working…lol

  • Autumn

    Reply Reply March 10, 2016

    I tried the baiting text and unfortunately, it back fired on me. I did get a response but all I received from him was “Nice” and then he changed the subject.

  • Ava

    Reply Reply May 24, 2016

    Should I send a sext to my ex of 2 years ago?

    I broke up with him. Then he broke up with me. No cheating. We still talk and see each other at the occasional mutual friends dinner.

    I made an effort not to communicate to him in anyway recently and I made it to 4 months. Then finally I messaged him saying that I “was moving to San Francisco after the summer and would love to have a moment with him before I go and see his face” He texted back immediately agreeing he would like that. That we would have our ‘moment’

    We’ve kind of gone through this before, where we will hang out for a bit (after a series of texts) and the flirting would get turned up and he would say beautiful things to me… Until I brought up ‘us’

    He’s 44 and trying to start a new career and us really really busy with that. For real. He’s nearly there though. He says. I know he feels pressure to be a Better man. And have something to offer. But he also wants to give his time. And that he doesn’t really have right now. So we just fade out again. And see each other randomly and talk again etc.

    I care for him very much. I’d like to show him how amazing I think he is. I won’t compromise my own integrity though. I want to do this right but I want to have fun with it too.

    So, He came to my house last week and we kissed. I sent him home straight after and he texted how much he wanted me. I agreed. We flirted more and I sent the last text (just my emoji, with a happy sexy face)

    We’ve had a few little text messages since then (both of us initiating them) but no big deals. We chatted about me going out to see him where he works in another town.

    Since he’s communicating with me and we’re not in a place to be fighting etc can I sext him just a little? Like a sexy but cute pic of me or a funny joke we shared once?

    I know he would LOVE a pic. But I don’t want to be his booty call. He’s a little twist. When we dated (which was only for 4 months officially) we only had sex 1 time. So there’s a lot of built up sexual tension there. And mystery. Which is awesome.

    What’d you say Adam?

  • Ava

    Reply Reply May 24, 2016

    *Here’s a little twist*

  • Tammy

    Reply Reply June 5, 2016

    I have try bait texting on this man I have been seeing . He doesn’t like them and tells me he won’t play these high school crap.. I won’t bye your book because of that. Would love to know why it works on some and not all men??

  • Erin

    Reply Reply June 12, 2016

    Hey i am signed up for the texts and would like more. Unfortunately, the book is really expencive. I hope you will send more than just that one i can use.

  • Leslie

    Reply Reply June 22, 2016

    Great advice. Thanks

  • M

    Reply Reply July 5, 2016

    I sent a text to him about our special time together waiting for him to read it !

    Trying to get him to realize what we had and how he fell in love with me

    I need your help
    To get him to talk to me and want me the way he did in the beginning


  • Terri

    Reply Reply July 6, 2016

    Okay, way too cool…I used the text”If you were here right now!!”

    Well I got a nice text reply back like I think he wasnt too sure what to say. So he was coming back into town that evening off a plane and being gone for days…I had him stop by on the way home for some diner which he was eager to do and to my surprise he said all I could do is NOT stop thinking about you all day!! Your text messages he said…I asked which one and he said those magic words, “if you were here right now.” I just said oh, and kissed him. He wanted me so badly, he could not keep his hands off me. I think this one works best if sent during the morning or early afternoon, not at night…this gets them thinking of you all day long in wonderment! I need this text book now!!

  • Emma Francisco

    Reply Reply July 8, 2016

    Wonderful, Adam! Each of your topics are very interesting!!!!! I love viewing your videos.

  • Lu

    Reply Reply July 11, 2016

    Thank you so much Adam…
    I’m going to try this with a man I’m thinking is the right one ????

    By the way, regards from Mexico ???

  • stefani sheri

    Reply Reply July 13, 2016

    cant wait to try this when i join Uni

  • Gs

    Reply Reply July 15, 2016

    This is great advice. Texting can make or break relationships. However it doesn’t make any guy fall in love with you. If you are compatible and have enough chemistry and willingness to be in relationship with one another, none of these silly games are needed other than just to spice things up.
    I have found this thing work great. Do not text a man you like, especially if you like him. Let him text you first. Let your responses be single lines small sentences and clear. Voice out what you want. If he is into you, he will find a way to woo you. These suggestions only make you feel like you have to do work in order to secure love. Not true. Unless he is too shy or you too cold, I don’t think anything other than his lack of serious interest in you prevents him from communicating with you.
    Not texting works all the time. I will text the guy from time to time just because the barter has to be balanced but not because I want some specific result from specific messages. They may work for short time — may be a date or two..but after that it just faded away if it isn’t supposed to be. However, just flirting like this is healthy if you are not completely backing on just this for guys and relationships.

  • Michelle

    Reply Reply July 16, 2016

    I used to do the praise text with a guy ive liked for almost a year now; I’m pretty sure he knows that I like him but nothing has grown from it. Whenever I’d praise him or compliment him he would send a simple thank u text in return if he was able to ( we used to work together) & then whenever he would see me he would smile. How can I help to encourage him to know I’m truly interested in him and that I’m not just flirting with him for the sake of flirting? I would also ask him about his weekend every Monday. I found it easier to text him then to talk to him most times cuz whenever I would try talking to him my words would either fail me or I’d fumble thru them. I’m still truly interested in him. :(.

    • Tamera

      Reply Reply April 18, 2017


      • Tamera

        Reply Reply April 18, 2017

        **Same with me.

  • Karen

    Reply Reply July 20, 2016

    I took your challenge and baited a new interest… nothing.

  • Maria

    Reply Reply July 27, 2016

    Awesome !

  • Amanda M Morales

    Reply Reply August 24, 2016

    Cant wait to try these

  • Hannah

    Reply Reply August 24, 2016

    I met a guy about 3 days ago. we exchanged snapchat’s but not numbers. I made the mistake of sending him a message first, but he seamed to really like it. We’ve been snap chatting ever since. How do I let him know I want more?

  • Jess

    Reply Reply August 29, 2016

    I used the if you were here line and he didn’t respond to that line but wrote something else that we was doing. Was he distracted or you think he was avoiding the line ? :[

  • cindy

    Reply Reply September 16, 2016

    I always screw things with text and hope this works to late

    • Masha

      Reply Reply December 28, 2016

      For us, who can’t deal with written words, it would maybe be better not to send texts first 😉 and man hate when we chase them, right?

  • amal

    Reply Reply September 16, 2016

    Hi adam
    I am thankful for your amazing advice .. you already helped through my relationship and it went great

  • TD

    Reply Reply September 21, 2016

    Thank you, such a blessing…..I’m not really dating, my guy friend of 10 yrs is in love with me n I like him as well, we’ve been flirting but he’s not really saying anything about how he feels I recently found out that he’s always liked me n m not sure how to go forward….

    • Larissa (Larry)

      Reply Reply January 20, 2017

      Maybe suggest a casual dinner or drinks to set thup mood? Mayb we will invite you to his place vice versa? Or cook him dinner one night and suggest a movie night?

  • Chantelle

    Reply Reply October 10, 2016

    Just sent an Insider Text. He’s away travelling with work and sent me a msg that he’s going for an evening swim. I wrote back that he needs to stop texting me b/c I’m trying to study, but now all I can think about is how great it was swimming out to the rocks last weekend (it was with him, if that isn’t obvious).

    Then sent another msg straight after saying “phone is being turned off, and night :)”

    Insider text, then hard to get….let’s see if he likes it!! 🙂 :)a

    Thanks for the advice.

  • Ann

    Reply Reply October 14, 2016

    Cant wait to start!

  • paula

    Reply Reply October 23, 2016

    Hello Adam,. I needed this video because my guy does not like long text messages and this video gave me examples of short to the point texts. Thanks for you giving us your time and attention on this topic.

  • paula

    Reply Reply October 23, 2016

    Hello Adam,. Thanks for this information.

  • paula

    Reply Reply October 23, 2016

    Great job.

  • Annie

    Reply Reply October 24, 2016

    Hi Adam,

    I am in a terrible bind, and a confusing situation of love with an older gentleman that I feel that I am in love with. I may be like 15-20 years younger than him, I don’t know yet, but never wanted that to distract or deter me from having a relationship with him because when we met each other, it was love at first sight between the two of us when our eyes met…. Mind you, I had a boyfriend, but it was working out with him, for a whole host of other reasons, and I come to find out when I met him that my bf knows him and has known him for years, well, I digress, all of that was 6 years ago my question is this: We had an emotional relationship for at least two years ago, and then we fell out with each other, when he called me a “bully”, because I asked him, Do you have any baggage? Now fast forward to now, in 2016, I would always see him around town, and I would duck and dodge him in order to protect my heart although I never fell out of love with him…. Well, My father came into town recently on vacation because he recently retired, but I managed to get these two to inadvertently meet up for a round of chess, because they are both Chess Champions, and it was a hit, my Dad loves him, and hints at maybe him and I should be together…. We had an amazing time at these Chess meet ups, but then after my father left that next week to go back home, he just disappeared and claimed that he was out of town and claims that he still is, He won’t respond to my texts, but I have not sent a lot of them, however…. We have an amazing connection and he has expressed that to me in more ways than one, other than verbal, and I had plans, in my mind, for him not to be a stranger after my Dad leaves, but he did exactly that…. He disappeared…. What happened?

  • Heather

    Reply Reply October 25, 2016

    So I got to say you have been like my new best friend. I watch your videos a lot. I’m just getting out of a 10 yeAR relationship and 3 years of it was married. So going through a divorce. But getting back out there was kinda scary and I wasn’t sure if I was ready. But thanks to your videos I have more confidence and feel better about myself and this past month I did a major 360 in my life. I’m happen than I ever remember. I have been talking to someone for a month we are tring to meet up and we really like each other a lot. It’s kinda been weird we are both feeling tge same about each other. But haven’t met yet. Soon that’s happening. But I also met someone else too and he’s different that the other we have met and are taking it super slower. He’s a nice friend and I like him too. Tring not to put all my eggs in one basket did help. But I’m never been one to see more than one at a time. The one that lives 3 hrs and a half away who I have met yet. Has professed his love f I r me and I have too. I feel like I’m in a conundrum. I dont know when I should choose one or the other. I do like the other as a friend. But he’s I bit more closed off. I and am not sure he’s ready for a relationship. But I could be wrong. I just love one and like the other too. But I have to be different with both. I let them lead me to what it too much or not enough. One is ok NOW with moving at a good pace the other will definitely take a long wile to come around. The one I’m in love with we will say “J” he lives pretty far and to date him is not normal I would have to move and it would have to be serious relationship for me to move. So It’s A Hard sittuation. Dating is harder and I would stay with him when I visit. We are very close. And the other we will call him “K” he is close by where I live and is very nice and sweet but I don’t know how to get him moving forward with a real date and if I should even bring it up or just let him chill and work through his personal issues and come around. It’s all a long story. But I do need some advice. About these two. Hope you understand these questions. It like I said a conundrum as I alway call it. Please help me to understand how to deal with these two and how to know when to just end things with one or the other. I am not one to have two relationships it does feel deceptive in some ways. But I am getting out of my norm and feeling them both out. Please give me advice. ThanKS I know you will be of help.

  • Heather

    Reply Reply October 25, 2016

    I also have to say I have been tring these texting things for a few and most of the time they really work. I just sent my love this text. ” Hope your having a great day. Wish you were here you could help me out with this….oh how I wish you were here. ” we will see if he responds to that. Hoping he can read between the lines.

  • Heather

    Reply Reply October 25, 2016

    Also as I said if your seeing two people when do you end it with one for the other. One relationship (J) is moving faster than the other and I’m ready to sleep with him and do all kinds of stuff with. We have been tslkibg for a month. The other is more a friend for now and only been talking for a little over a week and it is going to move slow from what I can see. But I want to give him a chance too. Please help!

  • Di

    Reply Reply October 29, 2016

    Just send a baiting text reminding him how important it is to maintain focus on what he’s doing today! Lol. Will see

  • Emm

    Reply Reply November 3, 2016

    Where can I buy the book.

  • 7Nbadgal

    Reply Reply November 27, 2016

    hi! first I’m sorry for my English I don’t know well. so one boy likes me and I like too but he is very shy and he can’t tell me. what can I do? thanks?

  • Kathy Stone

    Reply Reply December 16, 2016

    Can’t wait to send my first one

  • Riya

    Reply Reply December 19, 2016

    Your all video r just awesome….

  • Riya

    Reply Reply December 19, 2016

    Thank u sir

  • Victoria

    Reply Reply December 28, 2016

    I’ve been texting a guy for about a month,we flirt all the time through texts cause he lives in another city. We stayed a night together but nothing really happened, and now I really don’t know how he thinks about me,I hope there’s a way I can let him know that I’m interested,but I’m afraid that’s not what he wants.

  • Masha

    Reply Reply December 28, 2016

    I sent him: ”If you were here now .. mmm”, and he replied ”what would happen? we’d play with kids :)” – I have kids, so does he.
    I don’t like his reply 🙁

  • exception Mason

    Reply Reply January 7, 2017

    UGH!!!!!!!! what am I doing wrong???????

  • Patrícia

    Reply Reply January 19, 2017

    Need advice how do i know he is flirting through text? Or can any one tell me? As i think one of his text said “your nose is cute it is smaller than mine” .. or is it just a compliment?

  • Sabina

    Reply Reply January 19, 2017

    I have just watched the video! You really opened my eyes! So many good advices…Thank you for helping us, women, so much!

  • Larissa (Larry)

    Reply Reply January 20, 2017

    I sent the, “I know this is random but…ect.” and talked about our first date relating an arcade bar we went to and how funny it was to watch each other hopelessly try and be cool and know what we were doing in regards to trying to play the video games. He replied right away and said he had a great time and it was fun regardless of how bad we were and added a smiley face 🙂 we have ween dating for 2-3 months now. I hope my texting experience helps.

  • Ginny

    Reply Reply February 20, 2017

    I love your videos! I feel so empowered. Can’t wait to try the texting tips. Thanks for the example texts; they make what you are saying more clear. I tend to overshare, and say too much, so seeing the examples helps me see how much is enough.

  • Kelly

    Reply Reply February 25, 2017

    I have been married for 23yr’so and used ur tx’ingredients on my husband… it has put a new spark back into our lives ~ ur awsome!!

  • mildred

    Reply Reply February 28, 2017

    hey, thanks
    I met this guy last year in May and he showed interest, so would text and keep chatting on phone, however as talk now he does not reply my texts even my calls. its hurting me so much
    Should i give up on him and let him be???

    Thanks again

  • sharon

    Reply Reply April 7, 2017

    Thank you.

  • Sk

    Reply Reply April 29, 2017

    Should u write stuff like this messages to a shy guy? Or should I do anything diffrently?

  • Shakerra

    Reply Reply May 1, 2017

    I love it

  • Xena

    Reply Reply May 3, 2017

    Okay so I have A crush but I have never really talked to him. So I don’t know how to start a good text conversation but I really want to text him and start talking to him.

    What to do?

  • Toni Ray

    Reply Reply May 11, 2017

    I used to date this guy like 10 years ago and we had this crazy, intense, sexual connection. But one catch, he was a player. So that ended, 10 years later he msgs me on FB and wants to see me. He comes over and its like butterflies all over again and the sexual attraction was too intense and we had this AMAZING sex, we held hands, he brought up old memories about us even I didn’t remember he is seeing someone but they are arguing alot. And he did stay the whole night with me. Since he left 5 days ago I’ve gotten maybe 3 text messages from him and I’ve send like 15. I thought this time was different and he was actually feeling me😳 what do I do?

  • Leisa McLelland

    Reply Reply May 23, 2017

    Love your videos and texting advice. And they work. Just tried a few of your suggestions and now have 2 guys pursuing me! Thanks

  • Anne

    Reply Reply June 13, 2017

    I will like all your videos

  • Heather

    Reply Reply June 15, 2017


  • Tt

    Reply Reply August 1, 2017

    Met a guy whoI wasn’t really interested in at first, but because he was patient and persistent, as well as my son was away for his 1st year at college (it’s always just been the 2 of us, so think I wanted my mind and tine occupied) which is when I decided to give it a try. After a date and getting together with others a few times (he always wanted me around regardless who he was going out with or just us two)a couple months passed at this point and he said he wanted me to give “us” a try. I explain my apprehensions and after listening to his response I said I was going to need open communication and honesty bc I’d a difficult time trusting. He said those things were a given and did I thinkI could trust him if he didn’t give me a reason not to and I said I’d do so, keeping an open mind. He even had me meet his kids sooner than expected bc while out at the park with them be thought how much I’d enjoy that and we all went on a short vacation. His kids and I got along great, but his eccentric, very controlling mother (who he’s back living with bc of the divorce and financial issue as a result) oddly didn’t like that at all or that I wasn’t intimidated by her, allowing her to control him thru me. Additionally, since having my son, I’ve been a caregiver (caring for ill family members too) and hadn’t realized after my grandmother passed that I put him in the position of the next person I cared for which was not appropriate nor intentional. In doing so, I allowed myself to not be valued and always available when he wanted as the dynamics now changed. Plus, I didn’t want him to feel the way his mother does and ex did, so always tred lightly or bit my tongue; rather than, speaking up or expressing my needs and desires. I also didn’t handle correctly when he pulled away bc I became someone who wants to discuss/ know what’s going on and then move on one way or another. I’m just wondering now, between my uncharacteristic (for me) actions and his mother issues (which have worsened since his father’s passing), is there anything I can do to let him understand where I was coming from/ my intentions were all for meaning well while wishing him the best in the future with giving him some friendly advice from a female perspective. Under different circumstances I’d luv to be with him and his children bc he’s an amazing man when he doesn’t feel internal and extraneous pressures to be a certain way (I don’t think that’ll change while he’s physically and mentally where he currently is), as well as adored his children, spending time with them, doing things with them which they also expressed and clearly felt the same?

  • Lashay

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    Hey I got some tips off of you I wanna say thank you.. I wasn’t good at affection at all but you really help me figure things out.

  • Sierra

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    Hi I’m looking for a guy to love

  • Kanwal

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    Nice one.. 🙂

  • Bell

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    Thank you for these videos. They are really good! I went on a date with a guy rencently. He arrange a second date and cancelled because of work. He said he ‘100% still wants to go out again’ but I haven’t heard from him in a few days. I’m not sure weather to text him or wait for him to text me

  • Joan

    Reply Reply October 13, 2017

    Sounds good. I’m gonna try it tonight

  • JP

    Reply Reply October 24, 2017

    Such a refreshing video. I cant wait to read and use the book! I take something away with each video. Texting has intensified my relationship with a guy I started dating 2 months ago and both of us are over 60 yrs old!! He has a 100 mile commute to see me. We have long face to face dates once a week but He started texting me on his lunch break and again later at nite for an hr each in last 6 weeks. At first to check in but then it became a fun time to be part of each others world and day. It has becone a safe place to get to know each other and have fun each day. I have been trying praise texting and admiration texting, anticipation texting (I cant wait until those big muscles are wrapped around me.) and getting to know fun game texting. The last one I used to know him bettetr and let him know me. I told him I was in a silly mood and asked if he was up for a game of questions. After each answer and follow up then I answer for myself Questions upbeat but revealed history, character, dreams. Where would he travel if could go anywhere in world and why? Most fav vacation as a kid? most embarrassing moment? Something silly he did as a kid? Some he couldnt answer but a week later when talking out of the blue he mentioned, so I know he was thinking for some time after “the game”.
    Texting strategies have helped us bond emotionally and give safe space for us to become friends and share each day. I love this when it works. No resistance and no shame to be able to grow closer and know that he is thinking about me and we can boost and support each other in tiny but important ways during the day and before sleeping. Bring on Ready for more ideas and lessons.

  • Amira

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    Hi I love those videos

  • Ben

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    Great video

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  • Christina Pickard

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    Can’t wait to put the text to the test 😉

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    I love this. these are some amazing video’s. I’ve learned a lot from you Adam. I’ve been married 21 years but you have to work to keep a relationship alive and growing everyday. .

  • Nela

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    What about if you are in the middle of a confusion and the relation is not going well but you miss him

  • Carol

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    I tried the love texting…. but I’ve done these before and either get .. YOUR CRAZY from him or no response.??? How do you accept that.. What’s that mean

  • JJ

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    OMG read this book!!!!

  • JJ

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    OMG read this book

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    He married me

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    I enjoyed the video about 3 types of texts. But there was no info about how to get the book when I hit the link for What’s up? Where can I get your book?

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    Omg yes i love these texted and how u tell us how to actually tell a guy to come to us and right now im actually with a guy and we kissed and hugged but how can i make him love me more or should i say how do i love him?

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    Adam you are AMAZING! I met my guy online. I’m in Florida and he’s in Louisiana. I came across your videos when I got frustrated and was stumbling over some frustrations. We have now been in a monogamous, committed relationship for 2yrs. I thrilled to say these tips ARE SPOT ON because happily (thanks to my subscription to your video advice) it’s what we’ve been doing. I’m ordering your book now because you haven’t let me down yet! Thank you!

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    I have long distance relationship and want to make it workk

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    I just used the remember our first date to my boyfriend of 2 years
    We recently have come to a point of where is this going which has ultimately made him.pull back. He isnt sure if he can move forward..His.response to my.remember our first date was “ya that was long ago” different.priorities now in our life
    Not sure

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